3 Ways to Get Visible in Your Business - Salaam Willis
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I’ve discovered there are a few ways that you can do to get know in your market.  I understand if you were like me and enjoy hiding behind your computer, not networking with people in your community, or getting known out there in the online world.  It’s easy to hide out and try to do things solo, but as you know nothing worth having is easy.  So here are a few ways to start your visibility campaign.

gold # 1Lead Generation – Pick one social media outlet and focus on nurturing those potential clients.  My favorite is Facebook to start, everyone I know is on there and chances are your ideal market is on there as well.  Here are some areas of lead generation that can increase your visibility in the market:

  • Start a business page to spread the word on your services.
  • Create at least one lead magnet to attract your ideal client – these can be PDF’s, templates, videos, audios, and checklist in your area of expertise (chose based on your target markets learning style).
  • Research some podcast that has your ideal audience and start doing them.  I started doing podcast this year and enjoyed them.  Not only do you expand your network by being interviewed, you expand your market and can direct them back to a free offering like your lead magnet.

shutterstock_85428637_gold#2Host a Webinar/ Teleseminar – Create and host a webinar or teleseminar around a subject that you are an authority on.  Teleseminars are more for people that like to listen and Webinars are more visual.  Try both to see which you like best.  Webinar’s are fun and you create a know, like, and trust factor faster.  Plus, you get to show your skills!  Just pick one and try it out.

shutterstock_85428637_gold #3Be Consistent – Take time to evaluate what is working and what is not when you attract your ideal client.  Have a system in place that is designed to engage with potential clients, that includes the follow-up once they have expressed interest with your lead magnet.  This is the number one area of marketing in a business……Consistence.  Consistent marketing leads to consistent visibility and a consistent cliental, so if you’re having problems in your marketing and reaching ideal clients, make sure you are in front of your market serving them.