What's Your Money Legacy - Salaam Willis
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My husband Kenny, son Cameron, grandson Jayceon, and I had an amazing time over the weekend at NASA.  We all learned so much about the history of the astronauts and exploring space. One of the highlights was the gift shop. Cameron wanted everything. He was intrigued by the miniature space shuttles and glossy planets.
Now in my household there is always a debate about the limits of what we can do outside of our monthly household expenses.  So, about a year ago, I made it a non-negotiable to live my life differently; to travel more, and spend more time with my family.  Together we are learning new things and making new memories.  This is what I live for!  This week’s blog is about living life beginning with your money story.  Stop saying what you can’t have and believing that you can have it.

Have you ever said you wanted to travel, go shopping, or even have your kids in activities but said you can’t afford it? Well, it’s about time to create a new money legacy without being in lack and pushing your desires to the side. Your money legacy will include actionable steps to fulfill your needs.

The Plan – This plan is designed around travel because I was in lack for so many years and didn’t travel because “I couldn’t afford it”. Now you see why I didn’t do any traveling because I had a negative mindset.  And if you’ve read the book that I recommend “The Science of Getting Rich”, then you would know what you think, you attract. What a harsh reality! Start by mapping out your travel plans to the tee by answering these few questions:

  • Who will be going (Is this for you and your spouse or a family trip)?
  • How long will you travel?
  • How much is flight, hotel, and food (research on your own or in list a travel agent)?
  • How much extra will you need for shopping, attractions, and mementos?

Once you have your final totals, you will better know how to include these expenses in your budget.

Make It Happen – Now that wasn’t so hard right? If you have a plan it will make your reality so much closer to coming true.

What I realized most recently is that everyone has problems. They have their own money stories, family issues, and only a small few manage to move pass all of their own “stuff” to get the results that they truly desire. I mean really, I know that you already know this, however, when you hear the amazing trials and tribulations that I’ve had the honor of hearing, it would light a small fire under your butt to stop the self pity and doubt to go after your dreams and goals.  I know it lite a fire under mine.

Living out my purpose is the greatest gift that I have given myself and honoring my desires is what makes fulfilling my dreams a non-negotiable. I challenge you to go deep inside yourself and truly see what your true life purpose is and see how you can translate your money legacy into that. Go for it! I mean what do you really have to lose?