3 Lessons From My Favorite Breakfast Spot - Salaam Willis
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Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of eating at one of my favorite restaurants that made its way from San Diego to Houston. While I was there I observed them making my dining an A+ experience, that I just had to share with you the 3 business lessons I learned from this trendy restaurant are:

  1. Make it worth the wait…. not only do they serve the BEST food and lattes they provided free coffee and water with plenty of waiting room space for the amazing crowd that this establishment drew. I had the pineapple upside down pancake with a caramel latte. Can you say it with me Delish!!
  2. A convenient text to your phone system so you don’t have to wait inside. Let me paint you the picture in #3
  3. Which brings me to location location location with a mix of timing.  Snooze is located in the trendy area of Midtown Houston a modern urban living area with everything in walking distance. You can eat, work, playing, and live in Midtown so that makes Snooze the perfect location to draw a crowd. Midtown was revamped in 2012 so bringing a Snooze restaurant to Houston in 2016 was the perfect timing.

OK, I cannot go again without saying how delicious the food is. So, what do you have here? You have a hip restaurant, plus delicious food, and a friendly atmosphere.

Everyone was just standing around chitchatting whether you came with them or not, you left knowing at least one or two more people.
This is the type of business that one hopes to have and that we should all strive to for.

The 3 things that I’m taking from the Snooze restaurant and incorporating into my business are:

  • Keep up with the trends and your customers will follow. I found this restaurant in San Diego and when it opened in Houston I knew the one hour wait was well worth it.
  • Provide superior customer satisfaction from the time my clients begin working with me until the end of their program (I do this anyway, but the bar as was raised observing Snooze) …. they will either return to work with my company and/or refer their friends.
  • The location is key…. even though I work with my clients virtually, when they come to an onsite location to work with me, we are working in the most luxurious atmosphere in town. It’s all about location, right? To get in the right frame of mind to work out the most intimate details of their business and life.

I learned about Snooze culture, their company’s mission, and their pride in the quality food they serve. So, pay attention to company’s whether it’s your industry or not. You may learn a thing or two to apply to your own business.

Here’s to you being Fearless ~ Unapologetic ~ and Cultivating